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Environmental Stress Screening

Thermal and climatic conditions can affect the production, storage and use of your products and therefore negatively influence their functioning, properties or service life. It is essential for the support of your product development and quality assurance to test products for possible early failure.

Real test conditions

Environmental stress screening (ESS) refers to a method in which test specimens are exposed to climatic, thermal or mechanical stresses in order to provoke early failures. To cite just one example, this can uncover weaknesses in design, material or production of electronic modules.

ESS makes it possible to sort out unreliable systems already during production testing. It has become established as a standard method for improving quality and contributes crucially to the extension of the functional lifetime of products.

The longer flaws are ignored in the life cycle of a product, the more expensive the follow-up costs for rectifying them become.


  • Higher quality, greater reliability and longer service life of the products
  • Minimization of risk (even for new products)
  • Fast feedback in-house rather than from customers
  • Cost reduction because customers do not experience product failures during the warranty period
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of follow-up costs